Video-feature 1: The World of Babylon Berlin

Get a first glimpse of the production of BABYLON BERLIN and go on a virtual set visit with director Tom Tykwer.

Video-Teaser 2: Berlin-Alexanderplatz

We’re taking over Berlin’s most prominent setting: Charlotte Ritter-actress Liv Lisa Fries takes us on a tour around the Alexander Platz of the 1920.

Video-Teaser 3: Authors and Directors

Curtain up for the creative trio behind „Babylon Berlin“:

In this video-feature authors and directors Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries and Henk Handloegten tell us about the shooting of their anxiously expected serial project, „Babylon Berlin“. At that they answer those burning questions: How is it possible to turn various plotlines into a sincere portrait oft he year 1929? Why does the filming take place in three separate teams rather than one? And in what sense will the particular style of each director influence the tone of the entire series?

Video-Teaser 4: Main characters

In this brand-new video-feature our main cast, Liv Lisa Fries and Volker Bruch, talk about their roles in the series. In getting to know the characters of Charlotte Ritter and Gereon Rath better, we manage to delve deeper into the world of BABYLON BERLIN.

Video-Teaser 5: A new street for Berlin - made in Babelsberg

Welcome to the impressive backlot set for „Babylon Berlin“:  In our brand-new video-feature you will be able to relive the development and construction of the 1920s style „Neue Berliner Strasse“ on the grounds of the Studio Babelsberg. But is it even possible to portray the Berlin at that time using one single street? What do the terms Recycling and Chamäleon have to do with it? Production Designer Uli Hanisch, “Babylon Berlin’s” main cast Volker Bruch as well as co-author and co-director Tom Tykwer are able to tell us…

Video-feature 6: Volker Kutscher

In this feature you will get to know the bestselling author of “Der nasse Fisch”, Volker Kutscher.

Video-Teaser 7: Make Up

Heiko Schmidt, the Make Up Artist from “Babylon Berlin”, tells us about the work behind this historic shoot.

Video-Teaser 8: Production Design

Ulli Hanisch, Production Designer of “Babylon Berlin”, shares his vision.

Video-Teaser 9: Costume Design

More than 400 leading and minor roles, almost 8000 extras – and all of them had to get dressed. The French Costume Designer Pierre-Yves Gayraud tells us more about his work.

Video-Teaser 10: Music

Find out more about the music composed and produced for the series.