Our Partners


In 1994 producer Stefan Arndt founded X Filme Creative Pool together with the directors Wolfgang Becker, Dani Levy und Tom Tykwer. Box office successes and highly acclaimed films like Tykwer’s RUN LOLA RUN or Becker’s GOODBYE, LENIN! paved the way for international co-productions such as the Award winning Michael Haneke-films or  Tom Tykwer’s and Lana & Andy Wachowski’s CLOUD ATLAS, the most expensive independent European film of all time.

Since 2000 all films are being distributed by X Verleih and since then X-films are made from the same mould – from conception to production to distribution. A new TV department was founded in 2010. The latest milestone is the production of the TV series BABYLON BERLIN, aimed for international markets.

In addition to the above mentioned X Filme produced among other films SOURCES OF LIFE, AGNES AND HIS BROTHERS (Oskar Roehler), AMOUR, THE WHITE RIBBON (Michael Haneke), 4 DAYS IN MAY (Achim von Borries), MY FÜHRER, GO FOR ZUCKER (Dani Levy), ME & KAMINSKI (Wolfgang Becker), LOVE LIFE (Maria Schrader), THREE (Tom Tykwer) and many more.



ARD Degeto is a 100% subsidiary company of ARD. Its members are the nine German regional broadcasters and its advertising subsidiaries. ARD Degeto acquires fictional programs  for the ARD collective program Das Erste, the Third Program of the German regional broadcasters (BR, HR, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, RBB, SR, SWR, and WDR) 3sat, ARTE, the digital program offerings of EinsFestival, EinsPlus, and the other special interest channels. Programs are acquired through contract- and co-productions as well as license purchases of feature and television films and series with editorial responsibility. In addition, Degeto offers contractual and administrative services for ARD collective productions and institutional acquisitions. It is also responsible for the administration of program content and its delivery to ARD. In 2014 ARD Degeto provided 781,444 minutes of programming for 10,419 broadcast dates.



Das Erste is the national flagship channel of ARD, the German Association of Public Service Broadcasters. Taken together, ARD’s national TV channel, “Das Erste”, and its nine members’ regional TV stations make up Germany’s most popular television offerings. The ARD network offers an unmatched, original and diverse programme mix broadcasting a high proportion of originally produced content.



With 5 million customers and annual revenues in the amount of 2 billion Euros, Sky belongs to the leading entertainment companies in Germany and Austria. The program offering at Sky includes live sport, films, series, kids’ channels and documentaries. Sky Deutschland with its headquarters in Unterföhring near Munich is part of Sky plc, Europe’s leading entertainment group. More than 22 million customers in five countries are watching the exclusive Sky programs whenever and wherever they want (Status: Jul 2017).



Beta Film GmbH is one of the world’s leading international distributors of license rights for TV, HV and new media. As core of Jan Mojto’s corporate group it handles more than 15,000 hours of program in every available format and genre from profound national and international partners and engages itself in acquiring, producing and coproducing high quality television and film content. Founded in 1959, Beta Film has built up long lasting relationships with partners throughout the world, working with all areas of the media industry, from public and private broadcasters to special interest channels, online and VoD platforms as well theatrical and HV distributors. Beta is closely cooperating with its affiliated Beta Cinema, which portfolio compromises many Academy Award -nominated and -winning feature films as well as Kineos with its 12.000 title consisting library of German-language rights. In the classical-music domain, Unitel is the global leader in the production of audiovisual music recordings with a film stock of around 1,500 productions. The broadcaster Classica is available on 30 Pay-tv platforms around the world. The corporate group also has stakes in a substantial number of national and international production companies as well as special interest channels.