Gereon Rath

BORN: MARCH 5, 1899

Chief inspector in Cologne, on a secret mission in Berlin to dismantle an extortion ring.

Gets caught between the warring factions of good and evil, and finally loses his heart – transforming the passionate Cologne resident into one of Berlin’s own.

Sleepless, he sets out into the just as sleepless city, its streets paved with promise. He explores the outer limits of his new world, pondering on work and life.

…The quiet hero of a city that seems to have superficiality written all over it. The closer dawn approaches, the more painful the commotion…


Born in 1980 in Munich, trained as an actor at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Volker Bruch captivated millions of television viewers with his portrayal of Wehrmacht officer Wilhelm in GENERATION WAR. As one of the five leading actors, he won a special prize at the 2013 Bavarian TV Awards for his performance, in addition to a German Television Award and Emmy Award.