The Authors & Directors


Tom Tykwer, born in 1965, is a German film director, scriptwriter, composer and producer. In 1985 he moved from his native Wuppertal to Berlin, where he began to study philosophy and worked as a projectionist in repertory cinemas. In 1988 he took over the programming of the Berlin “Moviemento” cinema, which he directed until the late 1990s.

Tykwer is a co-founder and partner of the film production firm X Filme Creative Pool GmbH, which was established in 1995 together with Stefan Arndt, Wolfgang Becker and Dani Levy. The firm has since been producing predominantly auteur films for the cinema including – next to practically all of Tykwer’s works – GIGANTIC (1999), GOOD BYE, LENIN! (2003), GO FOR ZUCKER (2005), THE WHITE RIBBON (2009) and AMOUR (2012). Tykwer’s filmography includes “RUN LOLA RUN” (1998), “HEAVEN” (2002), “PERFUME – THE STORY OF A MURDERER” (2006), “CLOUD ATLAS” (2012), “SENSE8” (2015) and “A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING” (2016).

In 2008 Tykwer joined up with Marie Steinmann to found the non-profit organization One Fine Day e.V., which supports art education and vocational training projects with youths in East Africa.

This association spawned the production company One Fine Day Films, which since 2009 has been developing full-length feature-film projects from their workshops, including SOUL BOY (2010), NAIROBI HALF LIFE (2012), SOMETHING NECESSARY (2013), VEVE (2014) and KATIKATI (2015).


Born in Munich in 1968, Achim von Borries studied directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin. His theatrical debut ENGLAND! was shown at many international festivals and was awarded prizes from the Deutsche Filmkritik for the best script and best photography.

After LOVE IN THOUGHTS, von Borries worked as director for TV productions and wrote the scripts to various feature films. He was responsible for the highly noted TATORT – WIE EINST LILLY. With the German, Russian and Ukrainian war drama 4 DAYS IN MAY, he continued his successful collaboration with X Filme. For the 2015 filming of Hans Fallada’s ALONE IN BERLIN with Emma Thompson and Daniel Brühl in the lead roles, the script was written by von Borries.

Achim von Borries has worked on a number of films in the most diverse constellations both with Henk Handloegten as well as with the producer Stefan Arndt.


Born in Celle in 1968, Henk Handloegten operated the legendary Berlin repertory cinema “Eiszeit” from 1989 to 1993. In 1993 he took up his studies at the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb), which he completed with the feature film PAUL IS DEAD. For LEARNING TO LIE, both produced by X Filme, he was rewarded with the Promotional Award of the Munich Filmfest among others.

In the past years Handloegten has directed several crime thrillers and TV movies, including AN OLD MAID and POLIZEIRUF 110 – FIEBER. In 2011 Handloegten presented his theatrical film SUMMER WINDOW at many festivals.

In 2012 he served as director in the TV movie SECHZEHNEICHEN, which was nominated for the Grimme Preis. As with many other projects of Handloegten’s, he worked on the script together with Achim von Borries.